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Topicals Refill Pack

$105.00 $95.00


The SuperGro systems are intended to provide you with everything that you need for your hair to enter the rewarding growth part of the cycle. Our packages will help stimulate your scalp so that you can start to see the results in no time at all. Once you’ve used these products for some time, it’s near impossible to stop. For that reason, we make sure that it’s easy for you to find the refills that you need to continue to see results.

The Refill package by SuperGrow is going to provide you with all of the pieces that you need to continue to work towards your end goal, while saving you a little bit of money. Given that you have already invested in this product and you own our diode laser cap, this package is going to cost drastically less and give you all of the additional components that you’re in need of. This package includes:

  • iReviveDHT Blocking Shampoo — $35
  • iReviveScalp Therapy — $35
  • iRevive Maximum Growth Therapy — $35

By ordering this option, you can save $10 and feel great knowing that you have all of the pieces that you need to continue focusing your efforts on growing a beautiful head of hair! Add this package to your cart and make sure that you never run out of the go-to products we offer.


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